A project to save Japanese sake culture

Due to the spread of COVID, the number of sake shipments to restaurants has decreased significantly, and rice farmers will change their harvesting from sake rice to normal rice. It is easy to imagine that the future production of sake will decrease as the amount of sake rice harvesting decreases. In order to overcome this difficult situation where sake culture is placed in the near future, we want to be the brand which protects and saves the wonderful Japanese sake culture. Our project is not only for sake lovers, but also for people who do not choose sake as the first option to try and enjoy.


WAX&WANE 1st 12酒蔵




WAX&WINE's first 12 collection

We want non-sake lovers to try the sake. So, made the hand-dyed tenugui cloth wrapping, dyed by tie-dye creator "YUKIDYE". She provides tie-dye products to various street brands not only in Japan, but also to artists overseas. When sake is made, tastes are not only affected by ingredients such as water, rice, koji molt, and yeast, but also the location of the sake brewery and the personality of the brewer (makers), etc. The complex color combination of tie-dye expresses the complex taste of sake. I hope you can enjoy looking at the tenugui cloth designs too.


WAX&WANE 飲み比べ Dセット


WAX&WANE tasting set : D

A set of 3 sakes that are refreshing and light so, easy to drink. This is a set for those who feel a little reluctant for sake that "Sake will make me drunk” or “After drinking sake will have a hangover the next day". MATSUNOKOTOBUKI ; refreshing fruitiness and sharpness MUTSU HASSEN ; Fragrant and gorgeous elegant ROMAN ; Low alcohol content and soft mouthfeel. It is a set product that is also preferred as a gift.